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Get familiar with ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can be very painful, and are usually the result of trimming your toenails too short, on the sides of your big toes. Shoes which are too tight can also cause ingrown toenails.


To treat your ingrown nail at home, soak your foot in warm, soapy water several times a day.


We also recommend visiting our office to let Dr. Green determine the best treatment plan. Surgery may be necessary if an acute infection occurs, and antibiotics may be prescribed.


Prevent ingrown toenails by trimming your nails straight across, ensuring your shoes and socks are not too tight, and keeping your

feet clean.

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Seek Treatment of Common Toenail Problems

Trust the professional team at Iberia Foot Specialists LLC to help you find relief from common toenail problems such as ingrown toenails and fungal nail infections. Dr. Justin Green, DPM is fully qualified and professionally trained to care for these common foot issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or read on to learn more about these issues.

Find out more about nail fungus

Fungal nail infections can occur for years without ever causing you pain, but can cause serious problems when left untreated.


Fungal nail infections occur underneath your nail's surface and can penetrate the nail. These infections cause pain when walking, and are often accompanied by a secondary bacterial or yeast infection in your nail plate. They could also cause your nail to thicken or darken

in color.


Prevent fungal nail infections by keeping your feet clean and dry, regularly inspecting your feet and toes, wearing shower shoes in public facilities, wearing well-fitting shoes, avoiding hosiery that is too tight, and disinfecting home pedicure tools. Visit us to seek treatment of your fungal nail infection.

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