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Educate yourself on how to take care of your feet

  • Always keep your feet warm and don’t get your feet wet in snow or rain.

  • Keep your feet away from radiators and the front of the fireplace.

  • Avoid smoking and sitting cross-legged as these activities decrease your feet’s blood supply.

  • Don’t soak your feet or use antiseptic solutions, drugstore medications, heating pads, or sharp instruments on your feet.

  • Trim toenails straight across and avoid cutting the corners. Instead, use a nail file.

  • Contact our office if you find an ingrown nail.

  • Use lotion to keep the skin of your feet soft, but avoid putting lotion between your toes.

  • Wash your feet daily with mild soap and warm water.

  • Wear loose socks to bed, and wear warm socks and shoes in the winter.

  • Pat each foot with a towel to dry your feet and be careful between your toes.

  • Select shoes that are comfortable and don’t require a ‘breaking in’ period.

  • Ensure your shoes fit in width, length, bottom of heel, back, and sole.

  • Avoid pointed-toe shoes and high heels.

  • Choose shoes made with leather upper material and deep toe boxes.

  • Wear new shoes for only up to two hours at a time.

  • Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day and always wear clean, dry socks.

  • Don’t lace your shoes too tightly or loosely.

  • Avoid socks with holes or wrinkles.

  • Select thin, cotton socks for more absorbance in the summer.

  • Stay away from stockings with elastic tops.

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Find Professional Diabetic Foot Care

If you suffer from diabetes, you should take special care of your feet, as a wound even as small as a blister can cause a lot of damage. As diabetes decreases blood flow, injuries can be slow to heal, which puts the wound at risk for infection. Be sure to inspect your feet every day and check out our advice below for taking care of your diabetic feet.

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