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Learn more about calluses

A callus is hard, thickened skin across the ball of your foot, on your heel, or on the outer side of your big toe. You may experience pain ranging from sharp, shooting pain to a dull ache due to the painful nerves and bursal sacs beneath your calluses.


Calluses form from repeated friction and pressure over a long period of time, and can be treated with over-the-counter

callus removers.


You can also visit Iberia Foot Specialists LLC to have your calluses trimmed. Cortisone is sometimes injected into the underlying bursal sac to reduce swelling and pain. You'll receive comfortable pads and medication to

relieve inflammation.


Give us a call to schedule an appointment and learn more about your specific type

of calluses.

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Find Relief from Calluses and Foot Corns

If you've got calluses or corns causing you pain and discomfort, get in touch with Iberia Foot Specialists LLC for removal and treatment. Calluses and corns can be prevented by switching to better shoes, buying socks with double-thick toes and heels, or using an orthotic device. Read on to learn more about the cause of these conditions.

Find out more about foot corns

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Corns are calluses on the toes that form due to your bones pushing up against your shoes and putting pressure on your skin, causing the surface layer of skin to thicken and build up, and irritate the tissues underneath.


Hard corns are typically located on the top or side of your small toe. Soft corns usually develop between your toes as they rub against each other, and resemble open sores.


The leading cause of corns is wearing improper shoes, but deformities such as hammertoe or claw toe can also lead to corns.


Visit us to have your corns shaved off with a scalpel. Alternatively, you can treat your corns at home by soaking your feet regularly and using a pumice stone to soften and shrink the corn. There are also over-the-counter medicated foam pads to help you

relieve pressure.

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